And… we have covers, front and back, for Volume II! There will be a spiral binding, of course, so that will take up a bit of room on the left of the front cover and the right of the back cover (in case you wonder why the bar code is shifted to the left on the latter).

Still to come: inside covers, Souvenir Calendar cover, Double-Live eBook and App covers, and the Two-Volume Set packaging. I can’t wait- the layout is my favorite part of book-making now, and sometimes it’s even as exciting than the beading.

CGB Volume Two Covers Peek WebFront cover on the left, back cover on the right. 

Hope you like them!

Congratulations to those featured in this layout- on the front cover, Ingrid Wangsvik (Fortuneteller Bangle) and Kathy Young (detail of Zig-Wing Bangle) and on the back, AJ Reardon (Greenhorn Bangle), Deb Bednarek (beadwork) and Stephanie Price (Walker Clasp), (Rick-Rack Bangle) and Karen Beningfield (Mowgli Zig-Wing Bangle).

Regarding the Two-Volume Set, I’ll fill you in on this soon- we are working out the timing of all of the print runs now. When we have the pricing, anyone who wants to upgrade a Vol II Pre-Order to a Two-Volume Set order will absolutely have the option, and there will be plenty of time to decide before we ship. So no worries! We’ll fill you in on things in November, when we get closer.

There are so many wonderful things coming up- I look forward to unwinding them all in the next few months. I hope that you are subscribed to the Blog, so you don’t miss a trick. If not, make it happen by entering your email address into the box on the upper right of our home page here.

5 thoughts on “Covers!

  1. The colors, the shapes! Amazing…So glad I saw this about the 2-book set. Was going to order #1 today, but I think I will wait for the double volume. Thank you for all of your time and patience that you have invested in all of these projects. I am so excited! Thanks again.

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