New releases!

Lots of excitement here at CGB Headquarters as Volume II prepares to head to the press!

New releases in the next week include some great new video, including a neat precision demolition method that will allow you to build a new piece on almost any existing piece that fits, and has a clean edge. See the yellow beads in the photo below? They are “spaceholders” in a length of thread that only passes through one round of beads. When I started the second round of the new piece, I began a fresh thread, and carefully left (and marked!) a long tail.

When the thread is cut between the yellow beads, they will fall off, and the new bracelet start will only be held on by a series of inch-long threads. It will come apart cleanly.

New piece started on Kate McKinnon's MirrorWing Bangle


A new piece (including RAW Band!) started on Kate McKinnon’s MirrorWing Bangle. Find video of the split on our YouTube channel, today or tomorrow.

. .

Also the Sizing and Tailoring section of the hefty new Basics chapter, a very chewy set of pages, is almost out of the Edit cycle and will be uploaded to this site to open the new Pattern Library, coming very soon now indeed. Have a peek at one of the spreads:

Sneak peek of Sizing section

4 thoughts on “New releases!

  1. I am so impressed with the way you continue to forge ahead! Vol. II almost ready for the presses and the P. Library soon to open. This IS so exciting! I am so glad to hear your hands are will recover from the stress.

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