Proofs are flowing like a river now

Fortuneteller Gallery lead page CGB Volume II

This is a fun part of any project- final proofing. There is a flowing system of circles, as pages go to artists, tiny new scraps of information are added, final decisions are made on color and line, and blocks are set for the Text Edit Team to sign off on. The Text Editors are amazing; they see All.

Here are a few samples of things in flow this morning. As you can see, we are finalizing the Fortuneteller Gallery.

Nancy Jenner proof


Sharon Wagner proof web





14 thoughts on “Proofs are flowing like a river now

  1. I am really excited about volume 2 also. I am loving all the blog updates too all these different colourways and ideas are really inspiring me. I have been working on a couple of things from volume one but they are taking a long time to finish

    • Well, we show over 1000 pieces all told, so… that would be a lot of patterns. Only a fraction of the gallery pieces have patterns in the book, many more will have them in the free Pattern Library, which will grow as people contribute to it. Soon! Working.

  2. When seeing all this creative beadwork, I am able to fly to the moon and bead among the stars with creative imagination; oh what happiness!! Who would ever think that beadwork could possibly morph into designs as beautiful as these.

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