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Continuing the exploration…

We have become fascinated with the modified RAW bellyband that Dustin designed for our Tri– and Six-Wing Rings. There seems to be a huge number of possibilities for shape and side, depth and number of layers… I can’t even fathom them all right now and I’m not even trying. I’m just moving through the river of our Rick-Rack variation.

The exciting idea is the coded spine. It’s harder to see at first glance in the sample above, because the bellyband was made in the same colour as one of the sides. It’s matte royal blue, and was informed at inception that it would be ten points, in an evenly spaced zig-zag, and that each zig-leg would be nine beads long.

I could have given it different information, and it would, immutably, have grown into something different. There are moments of choosing, and then there is only growing. Here you can see the defining moment, where the bellyband (this one is done in silver-gold hex) forms, in one pass, a third side. Before this pass it was pliant, pliable, and after this pass, although no needle or thread has touched it, it has sprung to duty as a sturdy backbone; each pass will make it stronger although none will encounter it but the first row of the second side.

It’s at this pass that I must decide the direction of the second side; consistent, or ruffled like a swimming fin?

More coming soon. Facebook users, have you added our page to your universe yet? (Remember, if you are using a List to read the News Feed, you might have to add us manually to your list if you want to see our pictures.)

Also: we are making a limited number of kits for the Rick-Rack Variation. Get yours here, or wait for the kits to ship and then download the pattern cards for a small fee.


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Kate McKinnon has devoted herself to the study of how things are done, and how they could be done better. Find her at or on some city street, walking fast, smiling at strangers.

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