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Books are almost all delivered!

A few shipping notes:  All US packages shipping from Kate should have arrived by now. If yours is not in your hands, and you haven’t let us know yet, email, unless you ordered it from your bead shop or Christina Vandervlist, in which case please contact whomever you ordered from.

All European packages should be delivered by the end of next week, with letter and swag. Most are in hand now. Most UK packets are also delivered, but please give them until the end of next week before contacting Kate for a replacement.

UK and Canada orders, your letter and swag are coming directly from Kate in the US- please allow another two weeks for their arrival. This was done to save you duty on $50 packages, and we apologize for the dual deliveries. Any of you who would like the new password to the ebook in advance of your letter, please email Kate.

The Specials page for Volume II will open as soon as Volume I shipping is complete (and this is only because Kate is a team of one).
: )

Look what Cate Jones made!

Cate Jones Winghorn Jester bangle Cate Jones Winghorn Jester bangle

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Kate McKinnon has devoted herself to the study of how things are done, and how they could be done better. Find her at or on some city street, walking fast, smiling at strangers.

13 comments on “Books are almost all delivered!

  1. Ingrid
    March 29, 2013

    Hi Kate, my 3 copies arrived safe and sound in Brussels :o) I’m so happy and so are my 2 friends. The book is wonderful in every way : the format and the spiral binding (so convenient !), the pictures (I still can’t believe my eyes), the text, the way you explain things, the quotes, etc. and all this in such an original process, I’m so happy to follow your adventures in volume II. I took the book to Barcelona where I read it completely and now can’t wait to be home to get started ! Thanks also for all the goodies, Ingrid

    • katemckinnon
      March 29, 2013

      Wonderful!!! And Barcelona, it couldn’t be more perfect. That’s where I will do the writing of Volume II, this October. Can’t wait.

  2. Susi
    March 27, 2013

    I received the book today (Italy), I love it! I appreciated very much the spiral binding to keep the book open at the page you choose. The contents are obviously wonderful.

  3. Jennifer Lane
    March 25, 2013

    Hi Kate, Cate’s bracelet is stunning.
    You haven’t mentioned books despatched to Australia, so I am hoping that mine is one the way.
    All the best,

    • katemckinnon
      March 25, 2013

      Yup- I’ll be in touch with Australia/Singapore/Japan/China/Antarctica people this week, with tracking info. All y’all very far away people will probably be waiting AT LEAST two more weeks for your book. At least.

  4. conny
    March 25, 2013

    Juchhu… the book arrived in Cologne (Germany) last Friday… it is fantastic… Thank you!!!

    March 24, 2013

    Yeah. Got mine the other day

    Sent from my HTC

  6. Sue Schwartzenberger
    March 24, 2013

    Mine arrived yesterday (Saturday, March 23). It’s beautiful, and I look forward to stitching something wonderful!

  7. Lori
    March 24, 2013

    Sorry, but I’m confused by this….when you say the “letter” and swag are coming from you and we have another 2 weeks to wait in Canada…do you mean another two weeks to wait for the book itself? Because I thought the letter was IN the book?
    Gee, would sure have loved to have had my book before it’s been in the stores for a month. 😦

    • katemckinnon
      March 24, 2013

      Hello, Lori- no store has had their book for a month, they began arriving last week.
      Please be sure that we are doing our best. Your book was mailed to you over a week ago, and you should have it any day. If you do not have it by the end of next week, we will be happy to replace it at our expense.

      Also, if you decide you want the next book, please definitely wait for Volume II to hit the shops rather than pre-ordering it, that would be the best option for you and also for us. Pre-orders are repaid many times over, but only if people get involved. We published complimentary patterns, included our client’s work in the process, and in many cases, in the finished book. It’s not a good idea if you’re most concerned with getting it first, before others, because as in this case it might not happen that way.

      The letter and swag are coming separately, because I made an effort to send all of the books through Customs in one go, so you all didn’t receive $50 packages with duty to pay. Many people ask me to lie on Customs forms, but I am not able to do so. And they complain to me when they have to pay duty on the actual value. So this seemed like a reasonable compromise; no duty for you, and two mailings from us.

  8. Brigitte Baierl
    March 24, 2013

    Fabulous !!!

  9. kay campbell
    March 24, 2013

    Where do I go to order this book, I taught I had pre ordered, but I didn’t 😦

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