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Videos in process!

I had an interesting conversation with a friend the other day; he’s a craftsperson too. He said that the most important thing he’d learned recently was to trust his own rhythm. it’s easy to feel that everything needs to be done at once, but it’s generally better to do things in common-sense order, and let the creative parts unfold naturally.

The Contemporary Geometric Beadwork project has lived up to my every hope and dream of being bigger on the inside than on the outside; easily a life’s-work, if I want. I agree with him that it would be good to allow it to unfold, naturally, bringing people along as easily as possible.

Video is proving to be the perfect way to connect beaders with the work, because although I forget it from time to time, many of the ways that we are working are quite new; just making the MRAW Band can be a revelation, and if people are used to more complex or wiggly starts, it’s easy to overthink our simple thread path.

Guide Rounds, Kate McKinnon, CGB Vol II, 2013

It strikes me, based on the huge response to a couple of practice shoots on Facebook, that what is most needed now, what would rock everyone’s socks off, is a free video library of shorts on some of the more unusual concepts in the book. (And if you don’t use Facebook, don’t worry. I just parked the demos there because it was easy- the finished videos will be both here on the Book Blog and on YouTube, quite soon.)

So, please join me in a brief detour while I shoot a bit more video. The first Specials for Pre-Orders, Volume II Guide Round update is still growing; currently I am waiting for a set of drawings from Christina that should bring the structure to heel and give the pattern grid for my Pagoda Bangle. The instruction for how to lay in a Guide Round is already available as one of the shorts on Facebook- see it here.

In this post, you see two views of my demo Guide Round  bangle in process. You can see that two of the Guide Rounds are as yet unused, still just single rows sitting on top of the piece. The third one, however, has been beaded into, and a Winglayer is growing that will flare out over the orange and gold inner layer like an overskirt. As you can see, views from each side of the bangle are quite different.

Guide Rounds, Kate McKinnon, CGB Volume II, 2013
(click image to enlarge)

Huge thanks to everyone who’s given our book rave reviews, left comments on the blog or our Facebook page, shared links, taken their books into bead stores… we love you all and so far the entire spread of the book has been online and through word of mouth. Pretty exciting!

About katemckinnon

Kate McKinnon has devoted herself to the study of how things are done, and how they could be done better. Find her at or on some city street, walking fast, smiling at strangers.

4 comments on “Videos in process!

  1. journeyhouse
    April 22, 2013

    The videos are just brilliant. For one who deals with mild dislexia, this is of enormous help. Cannot wait for the whole series. The book is pure joy and I thank you for sharing your work, techniques and inspirarion so openly. Laura

    Wabi sabi

  2. Eileen Montgomery
    April 22, 2013

    Now I’ll think of CGB as a Tardis, larger on the inside and full of wonderful magical things that can take you anywhere.

  3. Jean Hutter
    April 22, 2013

    One of the things I like about the videos is seeing someone else bead. How they hold their thread, needle orientation and the like. I am for the most part self taught from books, instructions and trial and error. I have not been to any classes to see an instructor or fellow beaders work – so for me watching is a revelation. I am thrilled to see the work in progress and I am learning as much from the videos as I am from the actual book – a win-win situation for sure ; )

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