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Photo Madness

There are hundreds of pieces here in Tucson, being photographed for Volume II. It’s extremely beautiful. The CGB Souvenir Calendar is finally almost to my liking and ready to print, and we are (so far) on target for a December release of our second volume. 

Thank you so much to everyone who has submitted work- it’s almost all photographed, but I don’t send it home until the images are complete, and that’s the big job. We also have a model shoot coming up in a few weeks, which is equally thrilling. Please email Kate at if you have work here and need it returned by a certain deadline.

Here are a few images to entertain you, while I myself head back to the Photoshop.  The first piece is a Horned Bangle, by A.J. Reardon, and the second is the Jester Ruffle Cuff by Deb Bedarek.

Aj Reardon Hornwing Deb Bednarek Jester Ruffle web

About katemckinnon

Kate McKinnon has devoted herself to the study of how things are done, and how they could be done better. Find her at or on some city street, walking fast, smiling at strangers.

11 comments on “Photo Madness

  1. Adeline
    December 7, 2013

    very hight quality of work. I like it 🙂

  2. Sallyann Dunn
    September 9, 2013

    Hi Kate,

    Thought you might like to see my work in progress. Adding further rows from guide rows at present. Looking forward to the volume 2 which I have already pre-ordered.

    Kind Regards

    Sallyann Dunn

    [image: Inline images 1]

    • katemckinnon
      September 9, 2013

      Sallyann, I would love to see your work, but it won’t embed in the comments like this. Can you email pix to me at Or post them on Facebook and tag me, either way. Best! Kate

  3. Ana María
    September 7, 2013

    Ambas piezas hermosas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Marilyn Jones
    September 7, 2013

    Simply outstanding!

  5. Ayala Selams
    September 6, 2013

    Thank you kate

    I will wait with a lot of patience for my beadwork come bake to me


    נשלח מה-iPad שלי

    ב-7 בספט 2013, בשעה 02:40, CONTEMPORARY GEOMETRIC BEADWORK <

  6. BarbaraBriggsDesigns
    September 6, 2013

    The photos are wonderful, Kate, as are the pieces!

  7. Patricia Wren
    September 6, 2013

    Considering the sheer volume and quality of what you’re dealing with, I for one say “take all the time you need” — we waited patiently for Vol I through all kinds of evolutions and look how amazing it is! Can Vol II be any less worthy of patience? PLEASE don’t feel pressed, other than by what you put on yourself. It will be mind-boggling.

    • katemckinnon
      September 6, 2013

      Thank you!

    • Amy B
      September 6, 2013

      Yes yes yes! Volume I is incredible, I do not regard it as a hardship to wait for Volume II, knowing that it will certainly be more than worth the wait.

  8. Amy B
    September 6, 2013

    Oh my gosh, I love BOTH of those! The colors are wonderful!

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