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Last model shoot for the book and calendar!

When I decided that I wanted a real Volume II sneak preview (and a surprise advance pattern) included in our gorgeous Souvenir Calendar, it meant that I needed another model shoot.

And man, did we have one.

This is Becky, wearing a Fortuneteller Bangle, beaded by Kat Oliva. You saw this piece in Volume I, but not worn, in golden light, by a girl as lovely as a fawn in a forest. Model shoots are tremendous when magic happens.

Becky Pattowitz wearing Kat Oliva by Ali Megan

Thank you to everyone who has extended their patience while I added the extra material- you will squeal when you see it!

Because of all of our crazed schedules, this shoot needed to happen on the spur of a moment, so I booked a local I’d previously admired, a professional model, makeup artist and photographer named Ali Megan.

Her shoot was gorgeous, and fits in perfectly with Kyle Cassidy’s, but has its own very definite style, light and definitely, a fashion-shoot sensibility. Doriot Lair said that some of the shots reminded her of film stills, and I completely agree.

This one featured three new faces – my friends Kellner, Becky, and Graham were in front of the camera.

Here are a few sample shots. Some of them are crops of larger images that I look forward to using full frame in the book, eBook and Calendar.

Becks wearing Marilou Porth by Ali Megan

Above is Becky, wearing a beautiful neckpiece by Marilou Porth, waiting while I fiddle with her bracelets.

All photographs in this post by Ali Megan Photography.

And below is the gorgeous Graham, holding a Zig-Wing Bangle by Kim Boeckman. I’m working up a series of shots for an exhibit Graham is curating at the Tucson Museum of Art, and this strikes me as a really good one for the project.

We were all mesmerized by how well his eyes matched Kim’s beadwork, and we also all realized that we needed beaded masks, STAT.

Graham with Kim Boeckman by Ali Megan

And this is Kellner, wearing a tube necklace by Barbara Briggs.

Kellner Brown wearing Barbara Briggs, shot by Ali Megan wearing B Briggs

Below, a detail of Graham, wearing two wrap bangles by Katherine Kosta, rolling up a silk-lined sleeve on his smoking jacket.

(Well, truth be told, it’s Kellner’s smoking jacket. We just live in it.)

Graham wearing Katherine Kosta by Ali Megan

And a nice detail shot of Becky, wearing a Caldera Bangle beaded by Patricia Wren, a lovely variation on Jean Power’s pattern in Volume I.

Becks wearing a Caldera Bangle by Patricia Wren, photo by Ali Megan.

This is Kellner and Becky, in front of my vintage 1956 travel trailer that we call the Barbie Coach. The Coach has featured strongly in a variety of other shots in the past, completely unrelated to beadwork. You can’t see very clearly at this size, but Becky is wearing Christina Vandervlist’s neat triangle earrings from Volume I, and a set of TinyHorn bangles from Marilou Porth.

Kellner Brown in Kate McKinnon and Becky Pattowitz in Marilou Porth and  Christina Vandervlist, photo by Ali M

Last for today (but hardly least) is the incandescently beautiful Becky wearing the piece on Kellner’s hat (my own Gaudi wrap) around her neck.


Becky Pattowitz In Kate McKinnon by Ali Megan web

If you haven’t ordered your own copy of this 20-month marvel of gorgeous, you still can! Click below:

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 10.09.43 PM

The price is $25, which includes US shipping. Calendar sales support the many books we donate to libraries, bead societies, schools, and art teachers.

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Kate McKinnon has devoted herself to the study of how things are done, and how they could be done better. Find her at or on some city street, walking fast, smiling at strangers.

7 comments on “Last model shoot for the book and calendar!

  1. Kathy Young
    October 19, 2013

    Question-Is the Gaudi wrap in Volume II?

  2. Cécilia
    October 19, 2013

    Magnifique, et ce n’est qu’un aperçu j’ai hâte de recevoir mon livre tome II déja pré-commandé
    Bien à toi, et surtout passes d’excellents momments en finalisant ce si beau livre.

    October 3, 2013

    wow what a beauty!! TEMPTED TO MAKE ONE FOR MYSELF! Genius!

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