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Lots of progress!

The PDF of the New York show and talk is almost finished, and it’s pretty awesome. Below, Trillian Stars, photographed by Kyle Cassidy, wearing one of my huge Zigged Flower brooches.

Trillian Stars, wearing a ZIgged Flower Brooch by Kate McKinnon

The Basics section is up for sharing– it was released this morning, and a 2nd edit was uploaded this afternoon. I don’t recommend printing these temporary files the second they are uploaded- give us a day or so on each one to get it right. We are doing Whole Earth Edits on these pages right now, and it’s pretty astonishing.

The Pre-Press kit specials are starting- a couple of lovely bead kits just went up in the Shop. Get one now, or get one later- I’ll have photos of the actual kits closer to press time. FREE SHIPPING on these, if they ride with your book pre-order. Even overseas, and that’s a pretty nice deal.  Click the photo to see them in the Shop.

Kit header

About katemckinnon

Kate McKinnon has devoted herself to the study of how things are done, and how they could be done better. Find her at or on some city street, walking fast, smiling at strangers.

8 comments on “Lots of progress!

  1. katemckinnon
    May 27, 2014

    What a great comment! BTW, the key with lizards is to sit with them. I move so fast that I would never have done that, but Dustin Wedekind did, and he introduced me to Orangelina, a few years ago. The summer he spent reading classical literature and my Mary Stewarts, under a tree in the back yard.

  2. Marilyn Aronson
    May 26, 2014

    I was wondering if this will be in your new book? Also, do you by any chance just sell the pattern? I can’t buy everything, but I sure would buy everything from you. It’s 6:00AM, and my mind is on beads already.

    • katemckinnon
      May 26, 2014

      I don’t sell patterns! The flower is just a giant Zigged Band, it’s already in the book and you can see it in the Basics pages.
      You don’t need a pattern! Just make a Zigged Band, and lay it flat. Add here, add there, switch bead sizes, make a big flower. It’s all there is to it. The Band makes the shape on its own.

  3. Lynn Kordus
    May 26, 2014

    Hi, Kate…pardon my ignorance, but what is the difference between a half kit and a full kit? Thanks!

    Lynn Kordus

    Sent from my iPad


    • katemckinnon
      May 26, 2014

      Hi! The half kit is half the quantity of beads.
      For specific questions on the kits, we must wait until they are assembled. Some people don’t need to know, so I put the link up early. 🙂

      • Patricia Wren
        May 26, 2014

        Hi Kate–

        I went away for a day and what did I come back to? WOWWWW!!

        I’m assuming the full kit is 50 different colors and not 2 each of the smaller kit, right? I know your colors will be interesting and inspiring and will fit together in harmonious or maybe jarring ways for spectacular possibilities. Whatever your choices, I know it will be worth it. Now if I can just scrounge enough away from my travel fund for this summer… glad there’s no mad rush right now. Travel isn’t just airfare and the odd hotel… there are other hidden expenses, for sure! After mid-June I will be able to breathe again. Reservations will be made and paid, and schedules finalized…

        This is such an exciting time, the portion you’ve shown is wonderful, in eye appeal and in actual content. Your hard work and creative talents are there in full sight. As are the core folks who have beaded, designed, beaded, pre-ordered, beaded, bead-bought, calendar-bought, and supported you and the project. We all feel a part of this process and it’s a rather heady feeling… and it sure looks like it will be an ongoing thing. The key has opened the lock, the door is swinging open… what lies beyond? What new marvels await?

        How the heck can one EVER expect to keep up? Love it!!!

        • katemckinnon
          May 26, 2014

          Hi doll! The full kit will indeed be at least 50 different colours, plus extras. The half kit, I don’t know. Maybe half the colours would be better than half as much of each one. I’m not sure. I might take a poll.

          Also, about keeping up- I have no idea how I am. So much is flooding in; turning around the NYC PDF in three days of solid work is an example of how I am keeping up- just ninjaing on every single thing.

          Humorously, someone left a comment on this site that suggested that I stop making excuses for playing with my lizards too much or something and not delivering Volume II. My God! I wish they had left their name, so I could send someone over to their house with a unicorn, and they would take them for a little ride, by the river, and work this shiz out.

          • Patricia Wren
            May 27, 2014

            ROTFLOL… back to quoting from the old film about Michelangelo painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel: Pope (played by Rex Harrison, as I recall) “When will it be done?” Michelangelo (in the form of Charlton Heston): “When it is FINISHED!!”

            Gosh, I wish I had lizards that would come out and even look me in the eye… they all head for cover. No character at ALL. My cats don’t even seem to bother with them. I get more action out of the little frogs and toads that come out at various times of the day… yesterday I had a HUGE toad? frog? in the cats’ water bowl… it was happily submerged at 6:30 AM— no chance it was escaping the heat, not hot yet— I asked it to change location so I could clean and refill the bowl for the cats and it hopped about 4 feet away, and I’ll bet it was back in its private dunk shortly after I left.

            Methinks you are looking at large numbers of folks who have discovered and jumped on this fun train only recently, and did not go through the amazing growing pains of Vol I. They don’t understand all the little nuances and big leaps of creative growth and new light-bulb moments. This has been kept fun by your little enticements and big reveals and daily adventures (or not). Some people don’t understand that to be creative, one sometimes has to step away and look at other things, however briefly… that little break can bring the answer to a dilemma, a new way to approach the project, and sometimes a whole new project. As I’ve said a bazillion times before, I don’t give a rip how LONG it takes… I just know it will be worth every minute. And I don’t hold my breath, I just don’t look good purple. It’s bad enough dealing with the ole heart jumping around when it sees yet another great variation someone has sent you.

            I’m a horse racing fan… the horsemen have a saying, that one can never die knowing there’s another good looking 2-year-old in the trainer’s barn… [just too much to look forward to]. Same can be said for these gorgeous designs, ideas, shapes… just too much waiting to be made.

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