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Almost to press


Have you pre-ordered Volume II yet? Pre-orders will be the only ones that ship from my studio, with bookplates, kisses, and postcards… Pre-orders also get a pre-release PDF copy of the book as soon as the press starts rolling- just a few weeks now! Single copies available as well. As I will be working on another project, after the first shipping books will come from Helby/Beadsmith (wholesale), my assistant Lysa, in Seattle (web orders),, or (best of all) your local bead store.

Dini Alves draft spread from CGB Vol II

It is rather a busy week here at CGB HQ, where I continue to keep some 50 pages utterly secret, madly make minor adjustments for major results, as the Team as a whole begins to have our vision come into line, as in the optometrist’s office, when the multiple lenses suddenly produce clarity.

THIS is the moment in book-making that I personally live for, and this is the moment so often truncated or denied by publisher’s deadline. I realize I demand your patience, but also I say to you: ravish what has already been released; surely an entire book’s worth of new ideas (and some great patterns) can be found on this very site. Have you tried an Elegant Guide Round yet? An Exploding Round? My seemingly radical but actually very tame and useful Peyote Turn? Made a Pagoda? A Layered Rick-Rack? A Zig-Wing Bangle? Those are all huge ideas. The books explore them in depth.

Please note that a more final draft of Basics was uploaded to the Pattern Library link this morning. Please replace your download, if you want to be current. There is some new material. The paper books and Live eBook versions of the Two Volume Set will have more pages, just because I want them to be special. But all of the ideas are in the Library, for free.

Are you subscribed to this blog? If so, you’ll get this in your email (look in the right sidebar to see- it will either tell you that you are subscribed, or ask you if you’d like to). If you want updates on our progress, it’s definitely the thing to do.

Page from draft Basics chapter, CGB Volume II, Kate McKinnon

beadwork by Lisa Harrison and Eileen Montgomery, using our rather elegant indeed Elegant Guide Round. You can add one to anything! Try it.

Anyway. We are quite close now to submitting to press. And, when we sign the Press Edits, and the wheels begin to roll, we will release the book digitally, but only to pre-orders. Does that include you? Pre-order here (single copies also available). The $60 special ends the day I sign the proofs, and then the set, when ordered together, will be $75.

Personally, I feel like a wizard whipping up a universe from threads of everyone; what a privilege this is. A HUGE thank-you to the over 600 active participants in the building of the books who have allowed me to love you, love your work, and weave you into the fabric of this beautiful, living world of craft.

The two-volume set will endure… I have a little feeling.

In light of how beautiful this project has turned out to be, and the range it’s had only in a small, independent first release,  you will understand why I am taking the extra months, weeks, hours and minutes to make sure that no one is forgotten, that there are no glaring errors. It’s my time; I’m giving it. I only ask your patience, and only for a short time longer.

I love you; I gave myself over to this adventure over three years ago, heart and soul, and my time is coming, I see myself getting soft things together, putting back a jar of Nutella, just in case.

I am doing a large printing; what rolls off of those presses will be what stands.
Gotta get it right.

S0- stay tuned- and definitely check out the new Basics section!

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Kate McKinnon has devoted herself to the study of how things are done, and how they could be done better. Find her at or on some city street, walking fast, smiling at strangers.

One comment on “Almost to press

  1. Marilyn Aronson
    June 28, 2014

    Will you please make sure that I, in fact, have ordered the second CONTEMPORARY GEOMETRIC BEADWORK. I am obsessed with getting this book; maybe it’s your marketing (lol), but the work is beyond creative and beautiful.

    Marilyn Aronson

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