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The Seed Bead Summit is underway!

What fun we are having!

Dana Scott Beading at the Summit 2015

Dana Scott, photo by Sam Norgard

We’ve just begun the Ten-Day Seed Bead Summit, designed to kick off the creation of CGB, Volume III. In attendance for Day 1 were Teresa Shelton, Dana Scott, Laura Shea, Sylvia Lambourg, Sam Norgard, Kate Stern and myself. Nancy Jenner, who is participating today, arrived late in the day yesterday. Each day we add a person, then ebb a bit, then finish with a bang (and Kim Van Antwerp) joining us. Tonight, we welcome Karen Hornor. Whee!

If you are on Facebook, please join the event, and/or follow our Facebook page. Click “Get Notifications”  if you want to get the updates in your News Feed.

Event page:

Here are just a few photos from the first day. Lots more coming soon – this is a Ten Day Party.

Kate Stern stomach web

above, Kate Stern, a stomach (!) with inside-out Horns (!) and below, Teresa Shelton, a Mirror Tulip oval.

Teresa Shelton web Sam Norgard web

Above, Sam Norgard, a bracelet made from simple Squares (see the Volume I Basics section for Square patterns) and below, some sort of Hedron by myself, started from a Tri-Wing Ring that I added to.

Find both the Volume I Basics and the Tri-Wing Ring in our FREE Pattern Library, here on the Book  Blog. See the links on the left sidebar? Click them! And stay tuned for more fun.
Katehedron web

About katemckinnon

Kate McKinnon, globe-trotting writer and metalsmith, has devoted herself to the study of how things are done, and how they could be done better. She lives in Tucson, Arizona, and loves warm weather, nice people, rides in the car, and good books.

2 comments on “The Seed Bead Summit is underway!

  1. garl7
    June 3, 2015

    the creativity is overwhelming!!! Go geometric beaders!!!!

  2. jebeadebabe
    June 2, 2015

    Awesome start! So happy to be able to follow along and get re-inspired! xx
    Jenni Gerstle

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