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Seed Bead Summit, Day 5

It was wonderful to have Dustin Wedekind with us for two days. We explored many of the ideas that we had when we first started working on the project and thought of a hundred new ones as well. He brought his fiber work as well as his beadwork to show.

Dustin Wedekind fiber by Sam Norgard

photo Sam Norgard

Sylvia’s Rick-Rack Bangle (or big beautiful Flower) declared itself tall enough when it became high enough that the fit would be compromised by any further building upward. It’s gorgeous.

Sylvia Lambourg web

Sarah Loudon’s bangle is progressing elegantly.

Sarah Loudon process

Katherine Kosta did a neat component; a Warped Square chain link. I want to make it in all sorts of beads, and see how it goes. It has a very elegant, classical shape that I think will show well in precision beads as well as seeds.

Katherine Kosta warped square chain

The Warped Square is such a great shape. It seems that every time we look at it we think of new things it can do.

Sylvia explored the concept of the joined Four-Wing, and made a series of rings meant to evoke butterfly wings; they are all about flight. The orange one reminds me of a hawk in flight, actually. On my list for today is to actuate them in shapes more meant to be leaves than wings; spaces to set giant flowers.

Sylvia was working in triangle beads for these pieces, and I’ll be doing them in seed beads and cylinders. Join us? Any size works; you can extend two of the Wings for the ring shank, bangle or neck closure. We welcome Leaves and Flowers for our Runway Show in San Diego, August 15th, at the Mingei Museum.

Sylvia flight 1

Last night we said goodbye to Sam, Dustin, and Donna Horgan. Coming up we have a mellow couple of days with about seven people around the table, and then things go a bit wild again for what ought to be a really stellar finish, when Kim Van Antwerp joins in.

So many ideas.

Kate Dustin and Sam

Above, with Dustin and Sam Norgard at El Minuto, down by the Tucson Convention Center. Yum.

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