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Seed Bead Summit, October 7-12

We’ve announced some wonderful new opportunities, each one of which will help the team forward to the publication of the CGB Pattern and Colouring Books and Volume III of the Explorer’s Guides. The new books will feature all new work, and they are already full of ideas so extraordinary that we need a serious nerd summit.

Please email Kate for more efficient replies to queries on any of these events, rather than leaving your question in a comment.

thank you flowers

Delights are, in order:

NOW!   Send in your flowers for the Mingei Museum Runway Show and Photoshoot! Email Kate at with a photo of your piece(s) and we’ll go over mailing.

NOW!   PRE-ORDERS ARE OPEN for the newest book bundle – the upcoming CGB Pattern Book and the CGB Colouring Book. This fantastic pre-order special is like getting one book free, and this project is moving fast, so your support is strongly appreciated. 100% of pre-order funds are being disbursed directly to the artists creating the work. Order your bundle here!

Portrait Photoshoot / Photo Workshop with Kyle Cassidy. Work with Kyle in any way you need to; to get shots of yourself, of your work, of you wearing your work, or your work on our models. Kyle is a professional street, event and fashion photographer and videographer, and works with magazines, weeklies, rock stars, and the Dalai Lama. You receive digital images and (this is huge) copyright-free publication rights. Sign up here! 

AUGUST 15, 2015: SAN DIEGO:  MINGEI MUSEUM (mid-day)
Kate is giving a fantastic talk on structure in beadwork at the Mingei Museum, hosted by the San Diego Bead Society. Afterward, in the early afternoon, please join us for a fashion shoot and runway show on the grounds of Balboa Park surrounding the Mingei. We would love to take your portrait, or photograph one of your pieces on one of our models. Everyone is welcome!

This is going to be a pretty serious work session. Everyone welcome, as long as they have a solid working understanding of the CGB techniques. There is no one better to prowl MIT, Cambridge or Boston with than Kate, because no one loves them more. Please join us for this amazing final burst of mind-melding before the publication of the Pattern Book and Volume III of Kate’s Explorer’s Guides.
Sign up here!

OCTOBER 13:  BOSTON FIELD TRIP: Vintage warehouse shopping, a day trip led by the astonishing Gail Crosman Moore. This is the best $100 you will ever spend for transportation and guided shopping at one of the most amazing vintage bead and finding warehouses on the East Coast. A handy stop at the Boston Post Office for sturdy Flat Rate Priority Mail service included. You’ll feel like a pirate, sailing into harbour with your haul, but in fact you will be riding in a comfortable van, with us. Sign up here!

boston boston

And, as always, our books are available in Kate’s shop, the CGB shop, and at  We will be adding excitements to the CGB Shop quite soon, such as kits from Dustin Wedekind, colour boxes from Kate, and links to kit projects from the books from other artists. Stay tuned! And thank you to everyone for the support of the work, we’ve got a lot of forward motion right now and we really appreciate it.



Angela Wallis layout

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Kate McKinnon has devoted herself to the study of how things are done, and how they could be done better. Find her at or on some city street, walking fast, smiling at strangers.

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