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Call For Submissions for THREE NEW PROJECTS

I’ve now returned from all of the early summer excitements, and will be in Tucson for most of August and September photographing your CGB-inspired architectural beadwork.

(Please read this entire post if you would like to participate!)

It’s time to send your work in for photography! Pieces arriving in Tucson before August 10th (especially huge flowers) will be considered for our RUNWAY SHOW in San Diego, August 15th, outside the Mingei Museum.

Please message our Facebook page (this is the best for me and FB will accept large files) or email me if you don’t do Facebook (but please only one email with small files) with snapshots of your work and I will tell you which ones I would like you to send in for photography.

If you want to shoot your own work, I celebrate that, but standards are very high. I’ll need every bead in focus, no distractions, plain white background, almost no shadows, no processing unless you are a pro (send the raw shots- even with a few shadows – if every bead is in focus and the piece is well-lit and with good colour we will do the Photoshop to cut it out of the background on our end).

Personally, I use my IPhone, on a tripod, and then touch-focus on the screen to adjust the lighting and what kind of element the camera should focus on. Touch beads, the IPhone will get it, and get all of the beads in focus. You can see the results – almost all of these are my phone photos and light processing in Photoshop.

Final NYC Poster web

If you are making pieces with the goal of having them included in the books, please remember that (as we are using white backgrounds) clean edges shoot best. Avoid clear-coated, beige, light pink, yellow or white edge beads, if you want the best shots of your pieces. This is not to say I can’t do it – usually, I can. It’s just that it takes a lot more time to produce the image.

Other community projects coming up include: A bead bandolier project (we will put out an official request with patterns for this) and a filmic runway show in mid-October, in Boston. There is so much coming up.

IF YOU NEED YOUR PIECES BACK IN A TIMELY MANNER please talk with me before you send them. There are so many opportunities (really they boggle the mind) for this work to be seen and photographed before the end of October that most work will be held until NOVEMBER 2015, unless it isn’t. If you have something you need back right away, we must communicate.

Also, when you send work in for photography, please do not wrap pieces individually and make them difficult to open. Boxes will probably simply be returned if the work is sealed in individually taped and bubblewrapped space capsules. Put them into a Tupperware, or other simple, easy to open protective box, and put that box into a Flat Rate Priority Box. Email me that you have sent it. Use tracking that you yourself can track.

There are THREE NEW BOOKS coming out: the CGB Pattern Book, the Colouring Book, and the Explorer’s Guide, Volume III.  Your work might be in any or all of them, but only if you submit. We want to show off beaders and beadwork at all levels of experience. The only true guidelines are originality of form or colour, and clean, clean work.


About katemckinnon

Kate McKinnon has devoted herself to the study of how things are done, and how they could be done better. Find her at or on some city street, walking fast, smiling at strangers.

One comment on “Call For Submissions for THREE NEW PROJECTS

  1. sewfastdesign
    July 29, 2015

    So excited about all this…I’ve been prompting all the Beaders in our different groups to send photos of their finished work. Some might be attending the meeting on Saturday, maybe even be in class on Sunday! I hope Carole Leech from Canada is one of them. Her work was gorgeous! See you soon, Rose Mary

    Sent from my iPad


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