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Today is the last day to pre-order the Pattern Book Bundle for $50!

Today is the last day to pre-order the amazing 2-for-1 Pattern Book Bundle.

Tomorrow, the CGB Colouring Book goes for sale on its own. It will be $35, and the Pattern Book will be $50, as will all of the new CGB books. If you know that you want them both, be sure to place your order today – it’s a heck of a deal. And we don’t mind a bit if you order the set as a gift for someone else. Just let us know where you want it shipped, and how you’d like the card to read.

Why do we do pre-order specials?

For one reason only: to provide the income for the people creating the project while new work is being built. We greatly appreciate the support. There are many ways to help us move forward, though, and buying books is only one of them. Sharing this post, or our new video, giving us a “Like” on Facebook… thinking positive thoughts about how exciting the new work is, teaching a beginner how to make an Exploding Set…

Every single thing like that moves us all forward together.

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 11.29.28 AM

About katemckinnon

Kate McKinnon, globe-trotting writer and metalsmith, has devoted herself to the study of how things are done, and how they could be done better. She lives in Tucson, Arizona, and loves warm weather, nice people, rides in the car, and good books.

5 comments on “Today is the last day to pre-order the Pattern Book Bundle for $50!

  1. katemckinnon
    January 6, 2016

    I’m posting it on the Book Blog this morning!

    • Brenda Day
      January 6, 2016

      Thanks Kate!

  2. Brenda Day
    January 6, 2016

    Kate – you recently posted a list of the delica colours you had used in the pattern book, but I can’t find it now. Could you e-mail me a copy please? Many thanks!
    Brenda xxx

  3. Kat Oliva
    October 31, 2015


    Is there anyway to check if I paid for the bundle? I’m pretty sure I did, but I’ve slept many times since then.

    Hugs Kat


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