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A beautiful Hypar earring pattern set for you today

We’ve got a wonderful piece coming to this blog quite soon on Hypars and Triangles, and another publication update (my oh my, three books to press at once) and things are looking beautiful over here in the Sea Of Making Books.


It’s proposal week for me here (CGB is participating in some new work at MIT and beyond that is going to knock your socks off) and also, today is a particularly rough Election Day in the USA. What better way to come together in peace and love than to bead together?

Please join us! Perhaps you would like to make one of the gorgeous Warped Square designs that Kim and Dustin witched up for their Swivel Hypar Kits? I chose the Temple Quadrant pattern, created by Dustin Wedekind.

Bead with us, and let’s all move forward together with joy. And possibly, today, some Day Drinking.

This is the photo, and this is the download to print it out full size (be sure to print it landscape or sideways). After you are finished beading, you can fold the paper patterns into Hypar Earrings, if you like, with Erik Demaine’s origami folding instructions. Or just use white paper for a clean and gorgeous look.

If you want to learn how to bead a Warped Square, of course you can download our completely free technical sections of both Books 1 and 2 at this link, or you can just take a look at Kim and Dustin’s pretty directions from their Swivel Hypar Kits. Basically a WS is exactly the same as a Flat Peyote Triangle, except there are four increases (and triangular quadrants) instead of three.

Peace, love and beads from the CGB Team, working hard, flying true, and loving you.

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 8.23.03 AM.png

Dustin Hypars

paper versions:

Warped Square Earrings


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Kate McKinnon has devoted herself to the study of how things are done, and how they could be done better. Find her at or on some city street, walking fast, smiling at strangers.

12 comments on “A beautiful Hypar earring pattern set for you today

  1. Pat de Verre
    February 19, 2017

    So beautiful! Thank you for sharing the pattern

  2. Teri F
    November 9, 2016

    Absolutely smashing!! I can’t hardly stand waiting for the pattern and coloring books!! But as they say perfection takes time. So very excited and I love getting your updates. Thank you!

  3. Luci Morley
    November 9, 2016

    Hi Kate! Thanks for the patterns & I love your Le specs!

  4. Bonnie Morris
    November 9, 2016

    This is a fun little project! I had fun making my earrings and I LOVE wearing them! I got the BA-NA-NA!

  5. Kathy
    November 8, 2016

    Thank you!

  6. Brigitte
    November 8, 2016

    Thank you very much!
    Greetings, Brigitte

  7. maryy
    November 8, 2016

    Super, merci !

  8. Paula J Clouse
    November 8, 2016

    Love the pattern! Thanks again! Looking forward for the books. Hope all is smoothing out for you.
    Keep up the great work!

    • katemckinnon
      November 8, 2016

      Thanks, Paula! It’s still pretty crazy and deep, but I expect that by January 1, I will be smiling, and mostly through the work. Big hugs to you today, Kate

  9. Gulten Narli
    November 8, 2016

    Thanks 😘

    Sent from my iPhone


    November 8, 2016

    Kate- When the pre-ordered book I paid for a couple months ago be sent?

    Thanks, ArLynn

    • katemckinnon
      November 8, 2016

      When it’s finished! It’s a work in progress, and books take the time that they take, difficult to predict. I expect this baby in early 2016, hoping for January. This is a piece from the collection, please enjoy it in the meantime.

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