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Exploding PodCast Day 2: The Hexagon Increase to make the Wave

Today we will use the Hexagon Increase to build on top of our tiny PodCast Bead, and we will make an open, energetic HyperLoop that we call the Wave section of this project.

The Hexagon Increase is a slower increase than the 2-bead Herringbone Increase we used to build the Pod. It covers three rounds of work, so it’s a cycle, and the rounds are what CGB calls Increase, Point, and Fill.

Julia Pretl uses different words to talk about them, and in our first book, we only showed this cycle in a decrease, to make pyramids. So this section is a good example of why we are all getting together, so our words can be the same.

Here are photos of both CGB’s and Julia’s approach to the 3-round cycle. We are showing a decrease, and she is showing an increase. I show these photos just for your information, to help you follow the discussion in the video.

Basically, if you place a two-bead increase (just as we did to make the Pod) and in the next round you SPLIT that increase with a single bead, and then in the third step you place plain peyote in the gaps on either side of that splitter bead, you are ready to repeat the cycle, with Increase, Splitter or Point bead, and then an ordinary peyote Fill Round.

In today’s demo, I will place a section like that on top of my tiny PodCast Bead starter, and show you how to build yours, and what your options are. Join in, or check in later today for a YouTube video, or at the end of the week for our finished printed pattern.

Here are the two examples of our two different ways to discuss the cycle:

Julia Pretl Hexagon increase

Above, Julia Pretl describing a Hexagon Increase cycle, and below, CGB showing a Hexagon Decrease cycle to make a Pyramid. You can really make anything with the technique, it doesn’t have to LOOK like hexagons.

Pyramids pages in Book 1

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3 comments on “Exploding PodCast Day 2: The Hexagon Increase to make the Wave

  1. dmfbeads
    September 9, 2019

    Readers may find a term confusing. The increase cycle is referred to as a hexagon increase but on the book pages shown it is shown used in a square. If the hexagon increase is used to creat a shape with four sides it will not lay as flat as in a shape with six sides. I referred to it as a hexagon increase because it creates a wedge that is a 60 degree angle. In sewing I think this this would be referred to as a gore. If it were a 60 degree angle wedge that brought the fabric to a point, it would be referred to as a dart.

    • katemckinnon
      September 10, 2019

      Yes, it’s all so interesting. But in the book pages, the SQUARE isn’t the hexagon increase, we are using the hexagon decrease to decrease the square to a pyramid.

  2. Erin Bachrach
    September 8, 2019

    I’m working with you!


    Sent from my iPhone


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