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Exploding PodCast Set, Step 3: Rick Rack Bangle

Exploding 22pt PodCast Set Family Photo web

In Step 1 of our Exploding PodCast Set demo, we built the tiny 3-round PodCast Bead that supports the creation of all of these pieces.  If you want to make this, the how-to video link is here. I made several, but you only need one. Choose your closest size, S (20 bead center) M (22), L (24)  or XL (26).

Step 1
In Step 2, we placed six rounds of Hexagon Increase to create a HyperLoop bangle start that we call The Wave. The video link is here. The Wave section can grow up to be many beautiful things, but we are building ours to be a HyperBangle.


Today, we’ll be beginning Step 3 of the Set, a Rick-Rack Bangle. I chose to make my Wave sections in warm colours and my Rick-Racks in cool blues for this demo, but of course use any colours you like.

One of the nice things about building pieces from a Pod is that they come off very supple. If you are a super-tight beader, you may have a surprise when you see that your pieces, once Deconstructed, can fold and ripple in ways they never did before.

Rick Rack from PodCast folded

See you soon for this third demo! We will be live on Facebook again at 10 am Eastern time (US) but if you are not a FB user, just check in here for the YouTube video version at the end of the day. It will be an easy demo, as Rick-Rack is very simple once you get started – each round is the same count and same stitches.

We’ll build 12 rounds on our demo, and then end our thread in preparation for building Step 4, the Casting Spines.


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