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Exploding PodCast Set, Step 3: RICK-RACK, Rounds 3-5

Greetings, explorers!

I’m finishing the Casting Spine video for the Exploding PodCast Set today, and I’ll upload it as soon as I’m done. I have several different PodCast Sets going right now so we can have some fun Deconstructing this Saturday at noon Eastern Time on YouTube Live.


If you’d like to see a beautiful Deconstruction from this last week when Franklin Martin and Nico Williams were here, don’t miss this one on YouTube.

FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO PREFER TO WORK FROM PRINTED PATTERNS: hang tight! That is why we are doing this huge size test – to make sure our pattern is the best it can be. We will publish the full pattern for this Exploding Set for free (here on the blog and in full video on YouTube) as soon as we are done with this exploration. 

We’re trying YouTube this time for our live session as we found the Facebook platform to be a bit difficult, and the video quality is poor compared to what the camera can give. Most importantly, though, not everyone uses Facebook. So we’re switching platforms from here on out.

If you subscribe to the channel, it will email you when new videos post. Here is a link:

For those of you who didn’t see the Facebook broadcasts and want to catch up with Rounds 3-5 of the Rick-Rack Bangle portion, below are links to edited clips of just those parts.

The Rick-Rack is 6 beads per side for each size group, and you should bead at least 6 rounds, but no more than 12. This will give us a broad experiment in sizing that will help us finalize our printed pattern for the books. 12 rounds is enough to experiment with pattern – have a peek at this Rick-Rack beauty from Ursula Raymann.

Ursula Raymann Rick Rack web

Ursula would have had 12 live rounds, but she stopped with a Splitter bead at the points. You can always finish a Rick-Rack with a point, but for the Exploding Set, we are doing the two-bead increase at every round, including the one you stop at.

The next section, the Spine, is very simple – just six rounds of plain peyote (and remember this is flat, or turn-around peyote – we are not making a connected circle, but a long line).

As there are a few things to know about making Spines, we’ll add a full video of the creation of that section today for those of you who are new to the idea. The most important things to remember are to use a long enough thread to go for 3 or 6 rounds (no inbetween thread changes) and to be sure and do the turn. I have a neat technique or two to show you for that.

24 bead casting spine only 2

See you soon, and click the links below to view any of the videos for Rounds 1-5 of the Rick-Rack Bangle add. After Round 3, all of the rounds build in the same way, so just continue on your own until you have the number of rounds you like between 6-12.

Rick-Rack Bangle Section, Rounds 1-2, video on YouTube

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