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Colourway discussions starting soon!

Thank you so much to those of you who expressed interest in our colour explorations. We are busy putting together a series of not only bead kits but also physical explorations and conversations that we can share with all of you (no kit or book purchase is ever needed to join the discovery team). If you want to play, and use your own beads, gather as many colours as you can to make a set of 12 or so that (if possible) include transparents, bold colours, metallics, silverlineds and a few things that pop when placed against each other.

The first discussion we will be publishing this week is for Sam Norgard’s incredible collection of Nova Scotia sunset colours. I’m still finishing up a few of the photos (Kathryn beaded an entire table full of examples) and when they are all ready, I’ll be back with you later to talk about the ideas that make up this palette.

I hope some of you use these colourways to play with the illusion faces, like this beauty from Joke Van Biesen. We need more magic pix like this!

Sam’s expression of these colours was in sets of three (then built into faces of four) in a wearable Kaleidocycle. Kathryn Shriver explored it in Exploding PodCasts, Arrows and Flower Faces, Warped Squares, Magic Triangles and Spirals. We will be back later today to begin the discussion of how to build or use a colourway like this. I would greatly like to see what you make as well.

For those of you who picked up our first run of kits, thank you so much! If you would like to consider one, each of them contain over $100 of beads, plus extra patterns, samples, and a $50 donation to the Scholarships and Fellowships fund. We will be getting fancier with our kits, and introducing a wide selection (including pre-order trade kits) but for now, we just have a few of this first release left.

Thanks to all for your patience, interest, and forward motion. What a talented base of beaders we are, all of us together. We are going to rocket all of the new ideas and discoveries into so much new work…

more soon.

We are m;aking word charts for all of the different Arrow patterns here, and will share them freely when they are finished.
Exploding Arrow PodCasts beaded by Kathryn Shriver, architecture developed by Kate McKinnon (Deconstruction/PodCasting) and Kim Van Antwerp (the Arrow)
Spirals by Dustin Wedekind, beadwork Kate McKinnon from Sam’s Nova colourway.

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4 comments on “Colourway discussions starting soon!

  1. Suzanne Golden
    November 11, 2021

    Is this going to be a live discussion or a written article??



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    • katemckinnon
      November 12, 2021

      Hi Suzanne! It will probably be both, as I think video will be really helpful, but to start, I am going to post a series of conversations with photos here in the blog. First one coming up soon. For the video, I would love to have Kathryn, Sam and I all around a table discussing it. Soon, I hope.

  2. dmfbeads
    November 11, 2021

    Simultaneous Contrast: I started a set of peyote squares to demonstrate simultaneous contrast using mat opaque Delicas. Not sure how applicable to beadwork this would be…any thoughts?

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