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Work continues

Here in Savannah, we continue to work to assemble our mountain of glittering Delica beads into colourways and bead kits, and our triangles and photographs into the new Foolproof Kaleidocycle pattern, which I am greatly looking forward to showing you. It is years and months and mountains and rivers of work to assemble not only our beads but our words, photos, word charts, illustrations, posters, merch, digital releases and arrangements with love and care.

As mentioned previously, we will be continuing this work through the entire month of December, so your patience is appreciated while we get this amazing pile of Everything into order. There is no need to email or comment, just know that we are here, doing the Thing, and we are doing it with love and care, as best as we can in a strange and difficult time.

The very day we finish the photos, assembly and pattern for the new cycle, I’ll post it here on the blog. This idea really did turn out to be the missing link for me, and so it is in great happiness that I am now tying off the Kaleidocycle chapter (of the book and of my life) with it. Whew! What a feeling. Back with you soon.

Beautiful Warped Squares being assembled into an Eggbox, beadwork by Sylvia Lambourg

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Kate McKinnon has devoted herself to the study of how things are done, and how they could be done better.

6 comments on “Work continues

  1. LAMBOURG sylvia
    December 10, 2021

    Thank you again Kate to show my work.
    I send you all , courage and best wishes for this ending year ! Xoxo

    • katemckinnon
      December 10, 2021

      Your work gives me such joy, Sylvia, as does the memory of you joining us in Tucson. I hope to see you again before too much more time passes. Love! Kate

  2. Betsi Newbury
    December 9, 2021

    Wow, those Beautiful Warped Squares are stunning!!

  3. Robin Gower
    December 9, 2021

    Kate == You have told us that in December we early subscribers would receive an email asking us to make a choice between beads, donations etc. Is this still true? It seemed important to do this before the end of the year. Is this still true? Thanks, Robin Gower

    • katemckinnon
      December 9, 2021

      Yep, and we will be working on it for the entire month of December, as mentioned in this post, so please sit tight and we will be with you as soon as we are ready. There is no way to adequately describe the towering stack of work, except please know we are on it.

  4. johnsonjudy448
    December 9, 2021

    You know that I love all of your work. I could only hope that I will do as good as you do.Thank you for your time and I hope that you will have a wonderful evening.Judy Johnson 

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPad

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