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More Bead Assortments in the Shop

I’ve added a few more bead assortments to the CGB shop. There are now Warm and Cool options for the 9-Bead Delica Assortments ($75 each) and a curated colourway from Kathryn Shriver that lights up a room. We’re on target for our press run this Spring but aren’t likely to get the finished printed and bound books in hand until May (and of course there is no guarantee there won’t be slowdowns out of our control). If you’d rather not wait, and want to exchange a pre-order reservation for a bead kit, it’s no problem! Just use the discount code PREORDER in our shop, and receive a $74 discount on your bead order, and free shipping.

ALL proceeds from bead sales go directly to the CGB Fellowship and Scholarships Fund.

Here is a sample of typical COOL and WARM packs of the 9-bead Delica assortments. Each one comes gift-wrapped in origami paper, with a postcard and an extra bead sample.

I’ve also posted the jewel-toned Brilliant Posy assortment that Kathryn Shriver put together. It’s a stunner, and she translated it into a suite of flower petals – wordcharts included. This kit is $140, and includes several special finishes and a full box of hex-cut 24k gold-plated C501 Delicas (which are incredible to work with) and a few boxes of round join beads to connect flowers and Kaleidocycles.

These colours are difficult to photograph, especially the vermillion red and the silver-lined purple, each so intense, deep and beautiful.

I’ve got several more coming at the $140 level – two 14-bead colourways from myself and Kamryn Shawron. Thanks to all who have ordered! Shipping is current and we are grateful for your support.

If you’d like to play with Kathryn’s beautiful posy-petal design, six of them make a flower (or a Flower Cycle face). Below is a simple word chart (or click here). Substitute the colours for different effects.

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4 comments on “More Bead Assortments in the Shop

  1. acbeads
    January 10, 2022

    Hello, Kate!
    I love the Brilliant Posy assortment and the flower pattern, but I am not sure it is possible to ship them to Europe in a affordable way as US shipping costs are usually very high. Maybe by boat?
    If this can not be done, will the beautiful flower pattern be available for purchase?
    Thank you for your unbelievable work!
    Ana Cravidao (aka acbeads)

    • katemckinnon
      January 10, 2022

      Greetings, Ana! I don’t mind shipping some of them overseas, and there is a $15 charge added to the order in the Shop. I am about to find out today if my envelopes are flat enough to go First Class. If not, I’ll have to remove International Shipping in the shop. Mail isn’t so great these days from the US, that’s for sure!

      (Oh, and the flower pattern will be free to all, we are just finishing our packet of word charts now to our new standards, but here is a sample for you in the full (run-on) notation.) All of Kathryn’s beaded flowers have petals that are some colour combination of this pattern. The 24k gold hex cut 501s in our kit really bring a lot of oomph.

      Click to access kathryn-shriver-shaped-petal-1.pdf

  2. katemckinnon
    January 8, 2022

    Apologies for leaving the shop link out of the emailed version of this update. I’ll be putting a few more things in this weekend, and I’ll have another mailing.

  3. Deb Bridge
    January 7, 2022

    I want ***ALL*** of them! Alas, I must restrain myself a bit; however, I’m delighted to support the CGB Scholarship and Fellowship Fund, knowing that my $ will go to deserving recipients!

    One positive outcome of the pandemic is that my husband and I haven’t been able to travel, and that means I can contribute more to the CGB Fund **and** I get such exquisite packages of beads in exchange. It’s a win-win, IMO.

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