an open source architectural beadwork project from Kate McKinnon and a worldwide team of innovators


SEND IN A SNAPSHOT OF THE WORK.  Email or send a Facebook message to the CGB page. If you don’t hear back from me within a few days, get in touch. We are looking for original work from our own techniques, but related work is interesting as well. As long as it is self-supporting, well-made, and uses stitches, threadpaths, or techniques featured in our books, we want to see it. If you’ve made a replica of one of our already-photographed pieces, that’s awesome, but we don’t need to photograph it. Use a different colourway, or innovate a bit on finish, edge, start or path to the goal if you want to be in the next book.

DO NOT MAIL BEADWORK TO TUCSON UNTIL ASKED TO DO SO. You will be given the mailing address when your work is accepted for photography. If you want to shoot your work yourself, or have it done, we need a white background, no shadows, every bead in focus, no props. Please only use Photoshop or image processing if you are a pro. We can work with a good raw image, taking out the background, cleaning up cat hairs. If you took the photo, please give us the photo credit line when you submit. We may still ask to shoot the work ourselves, because the photos have to match in style. So take a look at one of the books before you start shooting, so you know what we are looking for. When you send in photos, please upload them to the CGB Facebook page via a Message to the page if possible. If you choose to email to me instead, please send one image, and check in with me about format, etc., before you email a whole wad of them.

FINISHED BEADWORK:  The most helpful way to send work is to place each piece or group of pieces in a ziplock plastic bag with a return mailing label or your name and address written on a piece of paper. Put that bag inside a sturdy box without a lot of extra packaging, just enough padding to keep it safe.

EXPLODING SETS: Please send in a ready-to-cut Exploded Set along with your Exploded pieces, so that I can photograph the ready-to-cut set along with your pieces made from a similar start. Use the same general colourway so that people get it. Please weave in and cut all threads except the working tail – if any piece arrives with threads I will cut them all off myself. Remember to stay in your lane when weaving in – don’t accidentally sew one section to another weaving in a thread.  ; )

WHEN YOU MAIL YOUR WORK, please send it in an easy-to open box and do not individually seal and tape your pieces. We open a lot of boxes of work, and it’s easy to get hurt breaking into an overpacked box. Flat Rate Priority Mail boxes are very sturdy and work well.  I have a large locking mailbox, so please do not send Registered or Certified, just use the free online tracking that USPS provides with all Priority Mail deliveries. If you ask for my signature for delivery, it might be weeks before your parcel is delivered, and it might even be returned if I am on travel for more than ten days.

Work will be shipped back to you at the project’s expense, via trackable Priority Mail, whether US or global.

IF YOU NEED YOUR WORK RETURNED BY A CERTAIN DATE, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.  And please remind me via email before your deadline. Lots of work comes in for photography, and it progresses on its own cycle. Some things shoot better in some lights, on some days than others, other pieces are so interesting that they are retained for study, and photographed over the course of months.

THANK YOU FOR READING! Your help with packaging and process makes all of the difference between doable and impossible, when photographing thousands of pieces of work from all around the world.

October 2021
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