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* Publication Updates *

CGB Pattern and Colouring Books, and CGB Volume III

Won’t be long now.

Hello all, and thank you so much for checking in here for your updates on books, rather than emailing.

Our third Exploding Set (the PodCast Bead) and my May breakthrough on the Kaleidocycle (the Flower Face Hex Assembly) were well worth waiting and working for – they were indeed the missing links for me, and I feel comfortable wrapping the project.

On a personal note, I haven’t been posting much or interacting on social media, I’m working. Our European team is flying into Boston in mid-July, and at that time we will all read the chapters together, add in the final photographs, make sure we all agree we covered the miracles we found fully.

PodCast Bead by Ingrid Wangsvik (without the Circle Start, challenging)
and Irregular Rick-Rack Cast by Kate

If you are concerned in the slightest about the delivery date of the printed and bound paper books, I would prefer to refund your pre-order than to participate in that concern; I hope that you understand. Email me if that is your choice.

. . .

How Do Pre-Orders Work at CGB?

If you’d like to know more about how we work, and how pre-order funds fit in, read on. CGB is a huge project, in our eighth year now, and (although you may not know it) I am an unpaid volunteer in the creation of the new books.

Yep. All funding for the work, for computers, beads, and for the travel of team members to our meetings has come from me personally.

The pre-order proceeds only pay for the press run to print those pre-orders; nothing more. That funding is vital to me, though, as it’s very difficult for a working artist to earn and save enough to pull off a $50k press run. I earn my living primarily from sales of books I have written previously, and CGB Volumes I & II have paid for all of this work.

If I act as the publisher as well as the creator, you see, the first press run of a book is enough to launch it; as soon as I am able to print and deliver the pre-orders, I have a living, breathing new book and I can sell it to others. And then those books will feed me until I have a new one.

I always stop pre-orders when I have exactly enough to pay for the first press run, which is why I cut the CGB pre-orders off last year.

As you might imagine, though, even 500 people is a quite a few to answer to if they are concerned about the completion date. This is like a PhD project, it’s got 9 years of my life in it, and it just has to be correct and complete – I’ve involved too many mathematicians, academics, physicists, engineers and generally smart and helpful people to produce anything less than my very best.


I greatly appreciate the community support of this project, and all pre-orders will be treated beautifully when we ship. The digital releases (which everyone who supported the project at any level will get) will distribute when we sign the press proofs.

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